To import guests using our Excel spreadsheet template, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your WeddingWire account
  • Under 'Planning Tools', select 'Guest List'
  • Click the blue '+ Guest’ button
  • Select the 'Import Spreadsheet' tab
  • Click 'Download template'
  • Once you’ve downloaded the template, open the template in Excel and add your guests
    • Please note, only the pre-populated columns will be imported into the guest list. The columns are: name, last name, email, telephone, and mobile number
  • Once you’ve added your guests to the Excel spreadsheet template, save the file
  • Under ‘Download template’, click ‘Import guests’
  • Click ‘Import guests’ again and choose the file you just saved
  • Review the imported guest information, then click ‘Import template’
    • Guests you import will automatically be added to that last group you added or ‘Mutual Friends’. You can move guests to a new group by following the steps here.
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