Below are a few frequently asked questions about WeddingWire's review dispute process. 

Why was my review disputed? 

Reviews can be disputed for many different reasons. Per our Review Policy, an individual posting their feedback about a business on WeddingWire must have been a legitimate customer of this business. The review dispute process was put in place just to ensure that reviews are written by legitimate clients of vendors and that the review does not violate our Review Policy in any way.

How do you verify reviews?

To verify reviews, we ask that a reviewer send us either a signed contract OR proof of payment. These are the only documents we can accept as adequate proof to verify a review.

Does WeddingWire just remove all negative reviews?

Absolutely not! The key component to maintaining the integrity of our review system is the ability of legitimate clients of vendors to leave ratings and reviews whether positive, neutral, or negative. We will, of course, verify the reviewer was a legitimate customer of the vendors - we're bound to do so by our Review Policy!

Do you only verify negative reviews?

All reviews on WeddingWire, whether positive, neutral, or negative are verified. In order to protect the integrity of our reviews and ratings, our system utilizes various methods of cross-checking reviews to ensure that they are valid. Additionally, we will ensure that the reviewer is a legitimate client of the vendor once the review has been disputed; we’re bound to do so by our Review Policy!

Do you verify the content of the reviews?

As a third-party neutral venue, we try to cater to both vendors and couples as equally as possible.We do not make judgments on the veracity of opinions and statements made in reviews and we do not verify content to remain neutral. The content you write on your review is your own opinion. As long as your review does not violate our Review Policy, then it will remain posted. 

I wrote this review many years ago, why is the vendor disputing my review now?

Sometimes a vendor is unaware they have a presence on WeddingWire, and therefore disputes negative or unwanted reviews when they locate their account. 

Can I edit my review? 

Once you’ve submitted a review, you make edits to your review text, photos or rating with the following steps:

  • Login to your WeddingWire account at
  • Click your profile image in the top, right corner of the screen
  • Click ‘Vendor Manager’ from the drop down options
  • Locate the vendor in your Vendor Manager and click ‘Edit Review’


If you are having issues editing your review please email the Reviews Team at and they can help edit your review. 

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