• WeddingWire allows for photos within reviews based on the following criteria:
    • We do not allow collages exceeding 2 images and prefer that couples use single images when submitting a review
    • Images must be at a minimum of 300px wide and 300px high
    • Photos should be of good enough quality to depict the service rendered
    • Photo must apply to the category the vendor is in (i.e. if the vendor is a caterer, the photo must have the food/wedding cake or be applicable to the review itself)
    • We will not allow for any contracts/paperwork to be uploaded in any fashion
    • We will not allow screenshots of photos previously uploaded on another platform
    • We will not allow screenshots of emails, messages, or other text-based content
    • Photos cannot contain material copyrighted by others or material trademarked by other parties unless consent is obtained from those third parties.
    • Nothing crude, vulgar, profane, or violates our Terms of Use in any capacity
  • WeddingWire will remove any photos that use a person’s image or likeness without their consent. Please reach out to support@weddingwire.com should this occur with a statement in writing along with your signature and full address
  • WeddingWire will also remove photos if the copyright owner of the photos does not wish for them to be displayed within a review.
  • WeddingWire reserves the right to remove any photo at any time for the reasons listed above or for any other reason at our discretion
  • Vendors and couples may flag a photo should they believe it does not qualify based on the criteria above
    • WeddingWire will review all flagged photos to determine if they are in violation of our policies and reinstate any photos we feel meet our criteria to post
  • WeddingWire does not flag photos based on whether or not a photo accurately portrays any actions taken by a vendor as long as the service rendered is shown
  • WeddingWire defines quality of photos as a reasonable individual can determine the service provided by that vendor through such photo
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