WeddingWire Rewards, a monthly sweepstakes, that rewarded couples with entries for meeting with, booking and reviewing vendors through WeddingWire, began December 6, 2018 and expired January 6, 2020. 


Why can’t I submit entries for WeddingWire Rewards?

The WeddingWire Rewards program has expired and no new entries can be submitted. 


What happens to my old entries? 

WeddingWire Rewards entries are only valid for the monthly edition in which they are requested and confirmed. The last monthly edition of WeddingWire Rewards -- December 2019 -- will end on January 6, 2020 at 12pm EST. No entries will be valid after this date and time. 


Why can I no longer see my WeddingWire Reward entries? 

The WeddingWire Rewards program expired on January 6, 2020 and the program has been removed from all accounts. 


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